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How to use our Online Service
Using your on-line account is very simple.
You can add funds to your remittance account in advance as much as you like, and release funds for remittances, in whatever amounts you like. You can view information on your account's history at any time, as well as your account balance information. You can login and update you personal details, you can add beneficiaries, view beneficiaries and update beneficiaries you can place the orders online by choosing the beneficiary and other order details including collection point and paying agent
For speed and cost effectiveness, we have opted to use inter-account bank transfers for our online service. In addition, we are working to add credit card and PayPal payment options, and we anticipate that these additions will go live very soon. The system will thus do away with the need for you to visit the banks in order to make cash deposits, thereby saving you a lot of time.
Once you made a bank transfer payment, all you have to do is to send us a message to inform us that you have made the payment via the built-in messaging system.
You can also keep an eye on our exchange rates, special offers, ways to earn reward points and other features using our online system. Furthermore, you can see when your beneficiaries have received their funds, log enquiries with us and view responses to enquiries direct from the correspondent banks.
This is a secure website; please read our on line members terms and conditions for more details. Once you send to us the signed hard copy with all the ID documents and verified, we will then activate your account.
As soon as you submit a transaction within your credit balance, it will go through a security check, and then inform you by email or SMS text message. You then have 5 working hours to inform us if there is any dispute for the transaction that can be solved without any financial loss to you.
Hereafter, it is your responsibility to keep your membership login details secure and change your password every two weeks.