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Probashi Biniyog
BRAC Bank Limited offers 'Probashi Biniyog' – a product that exclusively provides Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) the opportunity to invest in the Bangladeshi Capital Market through a Beneficiary Owner's (BO) account which will be funded by a Non Resident Investor's Taka Account (NITA). Both BO account and NITA will be held with BRAC Bank Limited.
NRBs can invest into the Bangladeshi Capital Market from anywhere in the world
Custodian Service will be provided by BRAC Bank
100% repatriation of capital, dividend and investment profits
NRBs can apply for IPOs as well as buy and sell shares in the Secondary Market through BRAC Bank Limited. They can use e-mail, fax or phone to issue trade orders to BRAC Bank Limited
BRAC Bank Limited will
Provide custodial services, i.e. hold your shares/stocks in safe custody
Arrange purchases and sales of securities of your choice through its subsidiary, BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Limited.
Collect information on your income from such assets (e.g. dividends)
Provide information on the underlying companies and their annual general meetings, manage cash transactions, perform foreign exchange transactions where required and provide regular reporting on all their activities to you
Manage funds in NITA and arrange repatriation of all funds including capital gains to your overseas bank account based on your instructions
All Bangladeshi nationals (Bangladeshi passport holders) who are working/living abroad can open NITA. Foreign passport holders who are originally from Bangladesh are also eligible to open an account.
Account Operations
Only share related transactions are allowed
No ATM card or Cheque book will be issued against NITA
NITA (Current account – non-interest bearing account) will provide customers the flexibility to remit funds from abroad which will be kept in the account as local currency (BDT)
Permissible deposits under NITA
  1. Inward Remittances
  2. Transfer from FCY account
  3. Refund Warrants of IPO
  4. Sale proceeds of shares
  5. Dividends/Bonus from shares
How To Get Started?
In order to avail the Share dealing and custodial services, we will require you to fill out and sign the following:
FC Account opening Form (only if you do not already have one) – To remit foreign currency into your account and enjoy NRB quotas while applying for IPOs.
NITA (Non-Resident Investor's Taka Account) opening Form – To make financial transactions for purchase and sale of shares in the secondary stock market (that is in Dhaka Stock Exchange).
Customer Information Form – To conduct actual trading of shares in the share market.
BO Account opening Form – To hold shares that will be purchased by the BRAC Bank Limited on your behalf.
BO Account nomination Form – To nominate up to two people to receive any outstanding shares in the event of death.
Custodian Agreement – To authorize BRAC Bank Limited as the custodian of your shares.
NITA Securities Accounts Services Agreement – To authorize BRAC Bank Limited to carry out your share trading orders and settle all transactions that are required to close deals.
We will require you to send us the hard copies of all the papers/forms along with the following supporting documents:
Photocopy of your passport
7 copies of passport sized photographs of yourself
3 copies of passport sized photographs of nominee (with your signature)
Any statement from your employer or a business document if you are involved in business
Copy of your resident/work permit or valid visa
Proof of Address (utility bill or bank statement)
Probashi Biniyog Application Form
FC Account Opening Form
NITA Account Opening Form
Guideline for Investment in Capital Market of Bangladesh
Schedule of Charges for Probashi Biniyog